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What are the “Natural Stone Consultants”- Advantages of working with them.

N. Stone Consultants releases web and blog in english!

So, the best way of releasing it is explaining “what Natural Stone Consulting is, or Natural Stone Consultants are…” 

We are International Stone Consultants. Yep, Internacional, you are right, because Stone does not know borders, and we neither…as you will check as you get to know us. 

However, what is The Natural Stone Consulting and a  Stone Consultant?

As any other Consultancy, it is a service provided by professionals with the experience and knowledge -in our case, in the Natural Stone Field-. We focus on any professional, company o private person such as Architects, Interior Desginers, Decorators, Constructors, Developers and Stone Sector Companies inclusive,. that need the assistance and/or support for the execution of a Project with any kind of Natural Stone.

Our target is doble: To Avoid “Surprises ” during or after the ending of a Natural Stone work and getting to exceed the expectations of the original Design.

And what kind of “surprises” can we find in a Stone work? Here after we mention some of the most frequent:

  • Source of the Stone/Marble. It is very frequent to prescribe materials extracted from anywhere in the Word. This, hinders principally small manufactures, -SME’s without o with little expertise in International Trade- to  reach the prescribed Stone directly. In those cases, these companies will have to purchase it through an third party, increasing the final price and therefore making  complicated to get the project.
  • Delivery Time: From the extraction (once the Stone samples  have been approved) to the delivery at site, there can be many delays due to different causes. Some because of the lack of experience in international trade (export-import operations), others due to a bad production planning, etc…
  • Inappropriate stone selection: Or better said, inappropriate stone delivery. Unfortunately there have been many cases where the supposed “First Choice” Stone sample, doesn’t match with the Stone delivered at site and consequently it doesn’t match with the paid price.
  • Lack or Incorrect Application of Surface Treatments such as “sealers, nonskid, anti-graffiti, etc…These treatments are prescribed to improve the properties of  Marble, Limestone or any other kind of Stone. However, a bad application or the lack of it/them can affect the Stone aesthetic appearance in a short term.
  • Improper Installation: Unfortunately, the Construction Sector -National and Internationally- does not have (with exceptions) high qualified fixing workers of Natural Stone. This is due to the wide variety of Materials like Marble, Limestone, Granite, Slate, Sandstone, etc. Each type of them, can be classified in “subtypes” according to their physico-chemical  properties, color, etc…so they will have different behavior according how/where they are used. Another factor can be the use of the Stone for non conventional Designs, with wide thicknesses, high-rise structures, large and heavy architectural elements, etc. All of these explains this lack of experts installers.

N. Stone Consultants, rises to assist all professionals or private persons in their Natural Stone Project. We work to give solutions to any eventuality during their work with Marble, or any other kind of Stone Works to get their projects becomes a “Reference from Now on and in the Future”

Our back-ground as Geologists, with more than 15 years of experience in this field along with our  complementary training and expertise in International Trade and our more than 8 years working in the Middle East through our partner “Albora Habitat Elements” and carrying out comprehensive projects in the Middle East, warrant it.

And Yep… someone could think that some of the “mentioned surprises” could be avoidable by changing the Stone by any other material like the ceramic or also artificial compact surfaces, however…

Would be the result comparable?

In our opinion, absolutely not. Nor aesthetic, durable, neither economically would worth it…

Do you agree?

Please, leave your comments, we will appreciate your opinions

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